Thursday, September 2, 2010

Retirement learning curve

I've successfully navigated two years of retirement and the "learning curve" is lessening--finding a fluid "flow" is emerging... No need to rush through the day and can appreciate unfolding events.
I'm still connected to my former career,, with former students doing the heavy lifting on a couple of 2010 coauthored publications. 
With Kaybee' Parramore (Wilbourne): "Henry the Nurse is a Doctor Too: Implicitly Examining Children's Gender Stereotypes for Male and Female Occupational Roles" in Sex Roles : A Journal of Research.
With Laura Castro-Schilo: "Gender Differences in the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Right Hemisphere Lateralization for Facial Processing" in Brain and Cognition.
My research methods text with Chris Cozby, Pat Worden and Kathy Brown still has a loyal following and we've placed it under a Creative Commons license and it's available here:

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