Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bue Kee - Oregon Artist

My Uncle Bue was a noted Oregon Artist. He was severely hearing impaired and never finished grade school. He loved everything pertaining to art. As a young man he attended the Portland Art School and was involved with the Timberline WPA Project at Mount HoodHe worked in oil, watercolor, pastel, ceramic and photography.

Bue was raised on a farm outside of Portland.
He colorized this photoof himself harvesting hops. 

Bue sculped models used in our defense program's camouflage
research(The Oregon, 1/17/41, p. 4) and a "fired" salmon, 
similar to the one depicted, is on display at Timberline Lodge. 

Some examples of his artwork:

Large Oil

Small Oils


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  1. This is a great write up. We still have one of his pictures, a small white dog.