Sunday, June 16, 2013

"Get that Chink"

Wilson Kee, Canby High Class of 1931

                                                                                    My Dad lettered in three sports:


Single-wing formation and my Dad was the quarterback.
 "Let's get that chink" an opponent once shouted.
His teammates became life-long friend.
Teammates and Coach: Richard Lucke, Edgar Miller, Leonard Mead, Neal Thompson, Earl Oliver,
Stanley Ogle, Paul Radcliffe, Paul White, Bill Anderson, Milton Kleinsmith, and Wayne Gurley.

A 2013 Father's Day post.
My Dad: Photo 1 (class photo) row 2 left; Photo 2 (football) Row 1 right;
Photo 3 (baseball) row 2 second on left; & Photo 4 (basketball) row 2 right.
Canby High School Oregon
Single-wing Formation

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