Wednesday, December 4, 2013

HBAL 2013 Demonstrator Palettes

Huntington Beach Art League members are invited to participate in an identification contest. Arrayed in a random order are the palettes (workspaces) of most of the 2013 HBAL Demonstrators. Email your identifications to Dan ( for a chance to win a 20 by 30 poster of all of the palettes. Write the name of the artist next to the palette's number (#1 to #9). Don't forget to include your own name on the entry. Contest closes on January 10, 2014. One name from those who submit correct answers will be randomly drawn for the prize.  Update: The contest has closed. Demonstrator names now appear under their palettes.

Bernard Fallon
Frank Eber

Gerald Brommer
Regina Hurley

Frank Eber
Ruth Ellen Hoag

Tom Fong

Eilleen McCullough
Gregory Gallardo

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