Saturday, August 8, 2015

Sutro Baths in Flames

Sutro Baths burned down on June 26, 1966. The Bath was located at northwest edge of San Francisco overlooking the Pacific. This photo was taken from the cliffside overlooking Point Lobos Ave.
More here:    Sutro Baths History     The Fire

The image was scanned from an original print (negative lost) and minor repairs made. A sepia rendering captures a different aspect.

The photo was taken with a Yashica Mat-LM (stolen a few years later). I recently found a used one in mint conditio--depicted with my original print below.

Camera Note. 

Yashica Mat-LM is a 2 1/4 by 2 1/4 format camera (Type 120 film). More here: Yashica Mat-LM

Before my camera was stolen I got some great photos of the 1969 People's Park Memorial Day March. More here: People Park March

Update 8/30/15--Recently discovered that my photo is not the 1966 Sutro Baths fire as originally believed. Follow this link for an explanation and additional photos: 

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