Sunday, January 1, 2012

Coffee Contrivances

What's Old

   Haven't used these in sometime--perhaps it time to give them away.

What's New

My trusty electric burr grinder has been joined by a Hario Skerton
Hand Mill with ceramic conical burrs. The hand mill is peaceful to
use and yields much better grind than the electric.

The AeroPress is also new and brews a very smooth cup of coffee.
I'm still working on the coffee to water ratios. Brewing a cup with 
the AeroPress takes more time (in comparison to pour-over) and 
clean-up is more involved than simply rising the ceramic dripper.  

 First Cup 2012

Happy New Year!

Current pour-over filters are from If You Care and coffee from San Francisco's Blue BottleThanks to Judy (Hario Skerton Hand Mill) and Matt (AeroPress) for great Christmas gifts.

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  1. Wow, you may love coffee more than me! (and that's really saying something)