Saturday, January 28, 2012

Signs and Bus Benches in Seal Beach

Seal Beach is a wonderful community.

The visual impact of City signs often distracts from "quaintness."


And new bus benches with advertisements are on their way. Let's hope the City's "limited authority" over this advertising protects (what's left of) our small-town atmosphere. Review of both content and layout (ratio of image size to advertising space and the size and color of typeface) seems reasonable.

Our City's Green Belt--still (mostly) signage free.

Bus bench franchise information based on C. Kelly's story appearing in the 26-January issue of the Seal Beach Sun.
First and last photos captured with an iPhone 4-what an amazing camera!
Historian Art Hansen (Emeritus Professor of History at CSUF) observation via email (1/29/12): Your resourceful visual anthropological exploration of the cultural milieu of Seal Beach clearly articulates an alternative meaning for the term "benchmark." 

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  1. I hope other take note of these important details as well.