Friday, January 18, 2013

A November Day at Bosque del Apache

North-west and easterly looks, respectively (from the North Crane Pond) and "Birder Shadows" after fly-out:

Afternoon at the Farm Deck
Snow Geese fly-up (original and black and white, respectively) and Sandhill Cranes flying-in:

At the Flight-deck:

Cameras: Canon 7D with 100-400 mm L IS and OM-EM5 with Lumix 12-35 mm/f2.8 
Earlier Retirement Flow photos taken during the Festival of Cranes at Bosque del Apache: Fly-out, fly-up, and Fly-ins...

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful blog. I knew you were a photographer, but these shots are GORGEOUS!!! Wow! I am in awe! I plan to come back and read back in your blog ... looks so interesting. And I love the Star trek photo of you and Judy, what a great pair. I have added you to my favorites so I won't miss out. Thanks, Dan.