Friday, December 23, 2011

Sleeps Judea Fair

Growing up in San Francisco, I looked forward to Christmas eve with my parents at St. Peters where "Sleeps Judea Fair" by Hugh Mackinnon was played at midnight each year. (And of course, I also looked forward to returning home to open gifts.)


"Mr. Mackinnon" was the Choir Director at Grace Cathedral before joining St. Peters: Link to Grace Cathedral Choir performing Sleeps Judea Fair.

Hugh A MacKinnon: 1891-1981

St. Peters Episcopal Church, located in San Francisco's Richmond District, served a dedicated and diverse congregation. The church was damaged beyond repair by the 1989 earthquake--a grave lost to the community. Additional information: (a)  Brief History of the Church and (b) Pipe organ at St. Peters.

Friday, December 9, 2011

2011 Huntington Beach Art League Photos

Monthly Meetings

January: World of Color
Third Place
Judge: Fealing Lin

A framed enlargement of this California Adventure water and light show image
was donated to the Chance Theater for their annual fund raising event--and it sold!
(Canon G9)

February: Wet Pier
Best of Show
Judge: W. Wray

Rainey Day on the Seal Beach Pier. The pier
tower is reflected on the planks.
(Leica M5 50mm 1.4 Summilux) 

March: Weathered Glasses
Third Place
Judge: J. Schroeder

Glasses were found on a Kona beach. I was asked
if the glass effect was "photoshopped" -- No.
 (Canon G9)

April: Holiday Glass
Third Place
Judge: K. Hardy

Judy's collection displayed in our kitchen window.
(Canon G9)

May: Demonstrating
Judge: H. Moore

Kamilla Hardy demonstrating at our April meeting. Her husband
Carmon gave her a framed enlargement for a birthday gift.
(Canon G9)

June: Terry
Third Place
Judge: A. Setton

My neighbor restored Matt's 1966 Mustang.
A shop-light provided the illumination.
(Leica M5)

October: Pier Fishing
Honorable Mention
Judge: J. Salchak

A rare sight on the Seal Beach Pier: A lone fisherman.
 (Canon 7D)

December: Dragon Glass
Judge: K. Sullivan

The glass and wooden dragon were displayed in a window of a Half Moon
Bay shop. Both were hung from the ceiling and slowly rotating. It took some
 time to get both objects in alignment for the shot.
(Canon G9)

May Open Show
Huntington Beach Library
Judge: J. Salchak

Getty Cue

The Getty Museum transports visitors from the parking
structure to the museum entrance via a tram. I
waited some time to capture an empty queue.
(Canon G9)

November Members Show
Huntington Beach Library
Judge: J. Schroeder

Half Moon Bay Sun Rise

The light was fantastic!
(Canon G9)

Third Place

This is the inside of a Carl's Jr. delivery truck. I tried
on numerous occasions and finally got a day when the
truck was empty with good light
(Leica M5)

Pelagic Outing
Honorable Mention

We were birding about 24 miles off the coast of Half Moon Bay
with members of the American Birding Association. Three of
my photos from this trip will appear in the January 2012
issue of ABA's Birding magazine.