Friday, February 9, 2018

Bernard Fallon Demonstrates at the Huntington Beach Art League

Bernard graciously donated his beautiful
pastel won by Marielle Morel

Thanks Bernard!

Link to Al's website:

Camera Note. Olympus Pen-F with M.Zuiko  12-40 mm f/2.8 pro and M.Zuiko 40-150 mm f/2.8 pro

Monday, February 5, 2018

Artist Reception at the Natural Wonders Photography Show

Captions and Camera Note

Show Photos: "Inflight" (Bald Eagle at Dutch Harbor Amaknak Island in Unalaka, Alaska) and "Light and Shadows at the Rim" (view from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon). Judy's snapshots include my daughter-in-law’s father Jamie and former CSUF colleague Diana Guerin, respectively.

Lawrence T. Yun with Judy. Lawrence is a Art Professor at CSUF. Judy coordinated Watercolor West Scholarships for his students.

Barbara Thompson curated the Show.

Jessie Peissig and family—I recruited Jessie for our Department and she is now a full professor. Seven year old Iva snapped the photo of her Dad with my Pen-F. 

First two photos and Iva's shot with Pen-F and 12 mm f/2.0 lens; balance of the photos with iPhone 6S. Friends Marj and Peter pictured with Judy in the second photo. Marj was a German Language Professor at CSUF and her office was adjacent to mine.