Friday, January 18, 2013

A November Day at Bosque del Apache

North-west and easterly looks, respectively (from the North Crane Pond) and "Birder Shadows" after fly-out:

Afternoon at the Farm Deck
Snow Geese fly-up (original and black and white, respectively) and Sandhill Cranes flying-in:

At the Flight-deck:

Cameras: Canon 7D with 100-400 mm L IS and OM-EM5 with Lumix 12-35 mm/f2.8 
Earlier Retirement Flow photos taken during the Festival of Cranes at Bosque del Apache: Fly-out, fly-up, and Fly-ins...

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Looking Back: 2012 Huntington Beach Art League Photos

The Art League meets monthly; over a 100 members attend and display their works.  Ribbon prizes are awarded by a respected artist (usually the invited Demonstrator) in six categories (watercolor, oil/acrylic, mixed media, drawing pastel, photography, and ceramics/3D) plus Best of Show and The Masters. Judy has been a Master (in watercolor) for some time. This year I achieved Masters status too--the first photographer!

Monthly Meetings

Second Place

Judge: Bernard Fallon
Reflection and Shadow
Book Friend
Third Place

Judge: Philip Journeay
Tri-Color Wash
 First Place

Judge: Brenda Swenson
Cold Horses
Third Place

Judge: Diana LoSchiavo 
Orca Cliff
Third Place

Judge: Tom Fong
Wetland Shadows
Best of Show

Judge: Tom Brown


Annual Member Show at the Huntington Beach Library

At the Rim
First Place
Judge: Tom Brown

Note. Masters status is based on points associated with First Place (one point) and Best of Show (two points) awards at monthly meetings. Five points are required. In 2012 I had  a First Place (Tri-color Wash) and a Best of Show (Wetlands Shadows). The prior year I was awarded a Best of Show for my Wet Pier photo:

Websites for the Demonstrators:  Bernard Fallon  Phillip Journeay  Brenda Swenson  Tom Fong  Tom Brown