Thursday, October 17, 2019

Dan's FAVES at the Corner Gallery

My photos with brief descriptions and why each was a favorite. 

In Coming On our arrival at Dutch Harbor, I found the perfect location for a dramatic image of a bald eagle flying from the mountains. However, it wasn’t until the third and last day that I got it. A FAVE from the trip and my image file. Photo location:  Dutch Harbor, Amaknak Island in Unalaska, Alaska.

Cliff Side Climbed down the side of a cliff to capture this film image of a Puffin. Photo location: St Paul’s Island in the Pribilofs, Berring Sea. This photo has always been a favorite because I was able to take an eye-level puffin photo (without falling down the cliff).

Nesting Blues This photo of nesting Great Blue Herons was awarded First Place at Amigos de Bolsa Chica 14th Annual Photography Contest, September 13, 2000. My first Blue Ribbon ever in photography; so this is a definite FAVE image.  Photo location: Bolsa Chica Wetlands, Huntington Beach CA. 

The Driver Birding offers marvelous photo opportunities. Much like street photography one must always be ready to capture the decisive moment. Judy spotted this LBJ (“little brown job”) sitting on the tractor. I raced to get close enough to shoot before the LBJ flew away. Photo location: Arizona.

Expresso & Gelato A chance photo taken outside Javatinis, a Main Street  coffee shop in Seal Beach. The parrots, with owner, are usually spotted on a bench across from Javatinis’s entrance. Not exactly a street photographer’s decisive moment photo, but grabbing the window glass backdrop, offering a title for the picture, made this a FAVE in my book.

Artist on a Bench A popular location for street artists is the mural side of The Wharf Store on Jefferson Street, San Francisco’s Fisherman Wharf. Artists paint and display their art work, usually between the mural and the stone wall. This artist had a different idea. Did you catch my partial shadow?

Dance Party Two-year old Izzy is mesmerized by cousin Maddie (second on the left) and her friends as she waits her time. I have megabytes and megabytes of grandchildren images on my Mac. Selected January 2018 HBAL Best of Show Award by judge Al Setton.

Guiding Hand This image captures both the delicate nature of artistic expression and the community we share. Awarded Best of Show by judge Chris Van Winkle at the HBAL’s March 2014 meeting. The photo shows artist H. Craig Jackson illustrating a technique used at his demonstration in 2014.

Glacial Ice Although we’ve returned many times to Alaska, this photo remains one of my all time favorites. The Inland Passage offered the backdrop for this image showcasing the magnificence of the ice and the layered richness of the forest. Did you spot the bald eagle?

Fishing Nets An iPhone in my pocket is truly my “everyday” camera. The fishing boat’s spot lights “make” this image taken at 8 PM; Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco (of course, with my iPhone).

The Seas were Rough Two boats of bird watching enthusiast departed Half Moon Bay to see a black albatross. Winds and high seas rocked our boat. I was Lucky to get a in-focused stop-action picture. A fun outing and a fave image subsequently published in Birding, the flag ship magazine of the American Birding Association 2012.

Into the Woods The descriptive title, Into the Woods, permits the viewer to explore his or her reflections about the image. Ask us and we’ll share a story about the couple. Photo was taken at a State Park in South Florida.

Another Day Aging as Art Show 2016 Grand Prize award winner (First Place Amateur) presented by the Council on Aging, Orange County. The photo was displayed at the Bowers Museum and subsequently at the Newport Beach Library. Photo location: Torrey Pines Lodge.

President Johnson's Motocade Black and white film image taken during the 1966 Presidential motorcade traveling down San Francisco’s Market Street. President Kennedy’s assassination was still a fresh memory as the City welcomed the 36th President. Wish I had kept more of my negatives from this era.

Willie and Millie  A favorite photo of my parents in Golden Gate Park taken in the late sixties. The square format was indicative of the 120 film used in my Yashica Mat (a Rolleiflex copy). My Dad helped me set up a darkroom in our San Francisco home to develop and print film. Today I wouldn’t need a darkroom, just my Mac.

Peace House Thirty thousand marched through the City of Berkeley to protest UC’s handling of People’s Park and the associated turmoil. Support for various causes was displayed along the march route. I took two rolls of film with my Yashica Mat that day and two of the photos appeared in the just published 50th anniversary book: The Battle for People’s Park, Berkeley 1969

Snow Geese Everywhere The arrival of a coyote prompted a fly-up of Snow Geese, while the Sand Hill Cranes appeared to stay on the ground. Photo was taken during the annual November Festival of Cranes at the Bosque Del Apache, New Mexico. Fly-ups are not uncommon, but this one was quite dramatic and filled my camera lens, thus, one of my Bosque photo faves.

The metal prints displayed on the shelves.

Fun Wheel Reflection Reflection of Mickey’s Fun Wheel in Paradise Bay, Disney California Adventure, Anaheim CA. This print on metal is not a photoshopped image. Overall, my prints are not associated with much post processing—some minor adjustments when needed (e.g., exposure/lighting) and cropping for standard print sizes.

Spot of Red A split-second capture of Tom Fritz’s brush during his October 2018 demonstration for the Huntington Beach Art League. Viewed from a distance the picture may simply look like a hand in empty space. The isolation of the image was facilitated by the darkened room and LED lights focused on the artist’s painting table.

Dab of Blue I’m the accidental photographer for the Huntington Beach Art League and take photos at events, including artist demonstrations. This close-up, printed on metal, captures a moment perhaps missed in real time of Nancy Anderson’s pallet knife with a Dab of Blue. Image captured during her November 2018 demonstration. hree metal prints

See Judy's blog for her artwork
displayed in our October 2019 show at the Corner Gallery, Huntington Beach Central Library:

Walk-through video of our show and pictures from the opening reception: 

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Watercolor West at the Brea Art Gallery: A Fisheye View


51st Watercolor West International Juried Exhibition, 2019. 
Watercolor West is an International Transparent Watercolor Society. 
Christine Sullivan, President (2019-2020).

City of Brea Art Gallery
Heather Bowling, Director
1 Civic CenterCircle, Brea CA 92821

Olympus Pen-F Camera with 9mm Fisheye Lens

Monday, October 7, 2019

FAVES Exhibit at the Corner Gallery

Quick walk through of our show

Opening Reception Photos

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Carolyn Machado Demonstrates at the Huntington Beach Art League

Carolyn graciously donated 
one of  her art pieces for our 
lottery won by John Wysocki.
Artist demonstrators also judge art 
work submitted by members. 

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Chris Sullivan Demonstrates at th Huntington Beach Art League

Tony Podue makes final camera adjustments...
Artist demonstrators also judge art 
work submitted by members. Eileen
McCullough (HBAL President) 
recording Chris's awards...

Chris graciously donated 
one of  her watercolor painting for our 
lottery won by Mo Salama...

Friday, July 19, 2019

Stan and Carrol's

Our friends needed additional images for their listing-- a challenging and fun photo shoot...