Saturday, August 27, 2016


 Final Game Snapshots

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Lafayette Elementary: Class of 58

Graduation Award Ceremony

President Doug Sweet,
VP Dan 
and Secretary/Treasurer Scotty Ross
Left: Ray Welte, Brad Block and David
Cluck. Paul Davis behind the mic

Dancing with Paula Herringhi. Norman Barza on
the left, Bernard Feldman behind Norman, 
Ray Welte 
next and Beverly Richardson on the right

     More photos

Lafayette School Yard with Carol Batman (Zent),
Barbara Kariya and Marsha Lerner (Young)
Kezar Statium Safety Patrol Event
Ray Welty left and Brad Block right

Still have my Award Ceremony certificates



This all started with Al Young's discovery of the Lafayette School Alumni Facebook Page. I posted a few photos and ended up with the collection presented. The 1957-58 class photo shows Al standing in the top row (second from the right).

Thanks to my parents for having the forethought to move to the outer Richmond District.

Found my badge!

Captain Dan out...

Link to Washington Post article about the School Safety Patrol