Sunday, November 2, 2014

George Washington High School Reunion: My 50th

Fall 63 Grads
(I've known Cookie and Carol (right) since grammar school.) 

Fall 63 - 64 Grads

Not captured in the above photos: Bonnie (center), lived directly across
the street 
from my home, and Joan (right) lived a couple of blocks away .

Bonnie (far left) and Joan (dancing with Ken Colyer) at my SF
Neither my good friend Bernard (dancing) nor Phil (right) attended this reunion.

Craig (right) was not in the group photos either. His parents, Ed and Marilyn were long time
family friends. 
Dale was pictured--we were the school paper and yearbook photographers.

Stayed across the bay at Cavallo Point Lodge 
(the old Fort Baker).

College roommate Bob, and his wife Lynn, drove up from Belmont for a visit.

Sun rise the morning we departed.

Drive to the airport via Lincoln Golf
Course and Ocean Beach.

Fly over home...